Our firm has been instrumental in identifying, initiating and developing a number of green field projects associated with opportunities worldwide or specific to certain markets. The major projects can be summarized as below:

  • Large Scale fruit Plantation in Morocco

    Having a full belief about the strategic need for food safety globally, our firm developed a large scale agriculture project related to fruit production in North Africa destined 100% to export worldwide.

  • Medical Evacuation operation in the Middle East

    Noticing the shortage in this sector, our firm participated in the development of an air transportation and medical evacuation operation in the middle east aiming at providing air transportation services for the oil and gas industry and assisting in providing better healthcare services in terms of medical evacuation, which is still not so developed in this region of the world.

  • Air Travel Consolidator in Saudi Arabia

    To act on the booming air travel industry in the Middle east, our firm has worked on a consolidation play of a large number of travel agencies in the Middle East to take advantage of the sector fragmentation, streamline the business and create a platform for a host of ancillary services associated with the travel industry.